Sigma Technology Engineering Services gears up

Sigma Technology Engineering Services AB (SKES) have since we started in January 2010 had very good growth. We have expanded to 28 employees with a profit margin in line with the rest of Sigma Technology. SKES aims to employ approximately 90 by the end of 2012.

David Rydén will start as a Department Manager at SKES from January 1, 2011, and further strengthen our offering within product development. This will add to our already strong offering in the aftermarket solutions area and allow us to grow in both fields.

David has extensive consulting experience in product development within the embedded design and has proven himself in sales and marketing. His thorough knowledge and networks, primarily in product development, his drive and his ability to see possibilities and find new ideas and ways to solve problems are some of the parameters that we believe is needed to succeed fully in our investment in product development.

SKES’ main customer sector, the automotive industry, is growing at a rapid pace. Both new and tougher emissions standards and active safety drive development in the industry. To meet the increased demand and the requirement to be present in product development, production and aftermarket, we have decided to strengthen the sales and management team with an additional person.

For more information, please contact Klas Persson, CEO of Sigma Technology Engineering Services, on +46 31 779 47 61 or klas.persson@sigmatechnology.com