Sigma Technology is the “Intelligent Company of the Year”

Sigma Intelligent company Hungary

The competition is held among interested companies in three categories based on business size. During the year employees of the participating companies were asked to write standardized IQ tests individually. The tests were then evaluated by professionals. Based on the accumulated results the most “intelligent” companies got a reward.

Out of the 27 participants this year, including Hewlett-Packard, E.ON, NNG and others, only three companies achieved the theoretical maximum score: Ericsson, Nokia, and Sigma Technology.

Ericsson and Nokia won a shared first prize in the huge enterprises category, and Sigma Technology became a champion among the mid-sized companies.

“More than 40 of our specialists – two-thirds of the team working at Sigma Technology Budapest office – took part in the evaluation. I would like to thank each of them for this great achievement. It takes a certain courage to take these kinds of tests. I am proud to be a part of a company employing such intelligent people. Our experts are the key to the company`s success. Besides, it is incredibly interesting to work with them, since during our joint work every one of them discovers something new, improves, and develops,” says György Nagy, country manager at Sigma Technology Hungary.

Read the official Mensa press release about the competition at www.piacesprofit.hu (in Hungarian).

For more information, please contact György Nagy.

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