Sigma Technology launches two new services

Sigma Technology is proud to announce two new services: information development training, and technical editing.

Binoy Milton D’souza, the team manager for these new services, explains the concept and purpose for these new services.

“We have launched two new services called Technical Editing and Information Development Training to help high-tech organizations gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. The services are aimed at organizations that provide technical information in English with their products and services.”

“We believe that the new services can help organizations improve the quality of their technical information. Agile development has resulted in engineering groups such as developers and testers, without an information development background, developing technical information. Technical editing or information development training would help these groups produce technical information that is concise, consistent, and accurate.”

Technical editing is the quality assurance step for language and meaning, and improves the usability and comprehensibility of information. Technical editing helps organizations speak to their end users in a consistent voice, increasing user trust.
Information development training helps organizations produce high-quality technical information. Sigma Technology uses a training approach called “scaffolded problem-based learning”, where course participants work on real-life technical information problems and are encouraged to explore different ways of solving a problem. The training material uses concepts from related areas to help organizations produce the information that their users want to read.

 For more information about technical editing services and information development training, and for references from previous clients, contact us.