Sigma Technology provides knowledge transfer for customer outsourcing

For the past months Sigma Technology in Karlskrona has been involved in training of new technical writers for a major telecom company. –“Our customer is moving parts of their development to Chennai in India, and it is key for them that the documentation quality can be maintained”, says Arto Valtonen from Sigma Technology. Sigma Technology has been responsible for the knowledge transfer to the new technical writers in India.

The training has been done during normal production, so the new technical writers have already felt the pressure of a software development project. “This has been an advantage, since they have been working on real documents during the training”, says Arto Valtonen.

One of the new technical writers is Gayathri Rathnakumar. After completing her training, she will create documentation for one of the customer’s products.

– “There was a friendly atmosphere with all writers from Sigma Technology. I could ask any of the team members anything, and they were always ready to help me”, says Gayathri Rathnakumar. “Arto taught me how to do things, checked what I did, dealt with me directly and treated me as if I had been working there for months. I learned lots of things that will help me in the future. They were not just professional abilities, but also discipline, responsibility and commitment”, she concludes.

– “I went to to Chennai for two weeks for a first training session. It was great to see Chennai and feel the commitment in our customer’s office there”, says Arto Valtonen.

(Photo: Fredrik Porsbring)