Sigma Technology releases a new version of DocFactory Studio

Sigma Technology Solutions launches version 1.0.11 of its complete enterprise content management system in the cloud, DocFactory Studio, and releases a new website tailored for it and available at www.docfactory.com.
DocFactory Studio is a sophisticated, highly-flexible solution for enterprises and businesses to manage any type of content from simple documents to images, XML, engineering drawings, and video files. Information you create and manage lies in one location and is always relevant, up-to-date, and easily accessible from anywhere on any device.
In February, Sigma Technology Solutions launched a new version of the system, adding more functionality to the existing product. The main improvements relate to performance improvements, search enhancements, and share topics functionality added for social networks. 
“We added share topics to DocFactory Studio, making the information sharing easier for users. We’ve also enriched the system’s performance related to information retrieval and faceting, as well as fixed earlier version problems,” says Tomas Eriksson, Global Operations Manager at Sigma Technology Solutions. “Together with the new version of DocFactory Studio, the Sigma Technology Solutions team released a brand new website where users can learn all about the product, its features, find case studies, and get support regarding their questions. DocFactory Studio becomes even more accessible, functional and user-friendly.”
Find more details about the product at www.docfactory.com.