Sigma Technology releases product information survey results

Sweden’s largest survey on product information, surveying how technical information is important for being able to utilize today’s complex products, has been completed. This information is assessed as becoming increasingly important in the future. Fewer than half are presently satisfied with how fast they find the information they seek.

On commission of Sigma Technology, the research firm Novus has conducted Sweden’s largest survey on what the decision-makers and the producers of technical information think about the trends in technical information. The results of the this survey, conducted during autumn 2011, show that more than 89% of those asked believe that users need technical information to install and use today’s complex products. This agrees with the belief that good technical information is expected to help contribute to increased sales of the products that the information is provided with. The results also showed that trust in the technical information is high, with only 9% of those asked feeling that users cannot resolve problems with the help of the technical information. However, only every other user is satisfied with the technical information as it is today, with better searchability high on the list of desired improvements.
These are some of the results presented in the annual trend survey that Sigma Technology has initiated for analyzing the trends in technical information and better understanding industry needs.

About the survey
By technical information in this survey, we refer to the product information supplied with technically advanced products. This technical information can be installation manuals, service catalogs, repair instructions, or technical descriptions. The target group for the survey is made up of people who work with the preparation of technical information or those who make decisions affecting this information, at manufacturing companies with sales in excess of 500 million SEK. All people were contacted by telephone. The participants were given the choice of being interviewed directly on the phone or responding by an online questionnaire. With a response frequency of 47%, a total of 146 interviews were conducted. The survey was conducted during September and October 2011.


About Novus
Novus is a research firm, founded in 2006, with the goal of unifying traditional survey methodology with modern media, and consequently leading businesses from opinion to insight. Novus works comprehensively with opinions, marketing, and strategy, using methods that are adapted to the questions at issue and to the target groups. Novus Group International AB is a public limited company and is listed with Aktietorget in Stockholm. Read more at www.novusgroup.se.

Contact information
For further information, contact Daniel Björkman at Sigma Technology, +46 706 21 44 17, daniel.bjorkman@sigmatechnology.com