Sigma Technology signs outsourcing agreement with Metso

Sigma Technology has won an agreement for technical documentation with Metso. The agreement is a comprehensive undertaking with Sigma Technology taking responsibility for all of Metso Fiber’s customer documentation for a period of three years.

Sigma Technology has signed a 3-year agreement calling for assumption of responsibility for Metso Fiber’s customer documentation with delivery in Karlstad and Sundsvall. Collaboration also entails the transfer of certain personnel from Metso to Sigma Technology. The company was selected as the leading candidate among five suppliers. Ulf Damm, procurement manager at Metso, motivates the selection as follows:

“Sigma Technology gives us visions of how we can improve our technical documentation and they are good at showing the concrete, positive effects of their efforts and work methods. Moreover, Sigma Technology has a flexible global organization, which will provide us with major opportunities in the future.”

“We are very pleased to have been chosen as a Metso outsourcing partner,” says Joakim Boes, regional manager at Sigma Technology. “That we’ve also been given the opportunity to hire skilled personnel from Metso strengthens us on the local front.”

For additional information, please contact:

Joakim Boes, Regional Manager,

Sigma Technology Sweden

Phone:+46 (0)70-6011918

E-mail: joakim.boes@sigmatechnology.com

Ulf Damm, Procurement Manager,


Phone: +46 (0)60-16 50 58, +46 (0)705-92 50 58

E-mail: ulf.damm@metso.com