SmartShore – Offshore Services with a Swedish Partner

Sigma Technology and Sigma Ukraine offer an approach to offshore IT services for Swedish companies that gives the comfortable feeling of working with a Swedish company, whilst giving the price you would expect of an offshore service. This approach is called SmartShore.
Sigma Technology and Sigma Ukraine have been working together for Information Management solutions for many years, with some customers going back as far as 2006. Both companies work together to offer Swedish companies IT services at the quality and price they expect.
Would you like to know more?
We are holding a SmartShoring seminar in Stockholm on Wednesday November 21st, and would love to see you there! Sign up!
The seminar will include an introductory presentation to the concept of SmartShore, and where Sigma Technology and Sigma Ukraine fit into your IT-service needs. There will also be presentations from current SmartShore customers, explaining what effect working with Sigma Technology and Sigma Ukraine has had on their businesses, their experiences of the process – both good and bad –, and how the cooperation between them and SmartShore has really developed into something they rely on and recommend.

System development in Ukraine with a Swedish partner – it couldn’t be simpler!

For more information, see our invitation, visit SmartShore, visit our Facebook page, or contact SmartShoring@sigmatechnology.com.