Students learn more about Sigma Technology

On thursday April 16:th Sigma Technology invited students to learn more about the company. The presentation covered topics like the consultant role, the day of an Embedded Design engineer and what you can expect as an Information Management consultant.

About 50 students, many of them exchange students, had accepted the invitation to an evening with Sigma Technology. It started together with our sister company Sigma Solutions, where the company, its management and the consultant role were presented.

After the presentations, there was an opportunity for the students to talk with Sigma Technology employees and department managers. There were many questions and discussions, and the last people left the building about an hour and a half after the presentations had ended.

-“We are really happy that so many talented students are curious about working at Sigma Technology”, says Klas Persson, Site Manager for Sigma Technology Gothenburg. He continues: -“We hope that they take the opportunity to register their CV’s in our database ProFiler, so we can match them to our roughly 15 currently open positions”.

For information about available positions, please click here.