Sweden – Ukraine – partners in business

Sigma co-organizes Trade Delegation event in Kiev 29/01-31/01 arranged by the Swedish Trade Council and the Swedish Embassy in Ukraine.

On January 29-31 a representative delegation of Swedish companies headed by the Trade Minister of Sweden Ewa Björling visits Ukraine for the purpose of promoting cooperation between Ukraine and Sweden. Within the scope of the visit a conference and a number of meetings with Ukrainian companies and government bodies are planned in order to make collaboration between Sweden and Ukraine even more active.

Sweden leading government and commercial organizations including Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine, Swedish Trade Council, Swedbank representatives in Ukrain and Sigma are involved in the event preparation.

During this collaborative visit, Swedish companies already working in Ukraine will share their experience with their Swedish colleagues who want to enter Ukrainian market. The growing interest towards Ukrainian market has resulted in a significant number of participants for this event. During this visit over 50 Swedish companies will introduce their products and services to the Ukrainian market.

  • Biomedicine and ecology;
  • Energy;
  • IT-related solutions and services (Telecommunications and Banking);
  • Manufacturing.

According to both Swedish and Ukrainian experts, these four directions are of major interest as a solid cooperation platform for Sweden and Ukraine.

Being among the companies involved in the visit preparation, Sigma moderates IT-related Solutions and Services section during the forthcoming conference.

The IT workshop, conducted by Sigma at the section, gives the participants an opportunity to exchange their visions of choosing the optimal IT strategy when expanding to Ukrainian market. This workshop is moderated by Sigma Technology CEO, Carl Vikingsson, who visits Ukraine for this purpose.

Mr. Vikingsson also speaks at panel discussion*Swedish experience of doing business in Ukraine* sharing his ideas and experience regarding the issue.

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