Technical information 2.0 – seminar in Malmo

Technical Information has not been part of the new media development of the 21st century. It is time to catch up! Sigma Technology has initiated cooperation with Malmö University and Växjö University to analyze trends and to develop technical information of the future. We welcome you to an interesting afternoon where we and our partners show you how we see Technical Information 2.0.

On the agenda:

  • Where are we headed? Niklas Malmros, Sigma Technology
  • Quality in information systems. Prof. Welf Löwe, Växjö University
  • Technical information must answer a single question – quickly! Tomas Eriksson, Sigma Technology
  • Technical information 2.1. Prof. Jonas Löwgren, Malmö University

Please contact us via email at seminarium@sigmatechnology.com for more information.