Technical Information 2.0 – seminars in Goteborg and Stockholm

The seminar on technical information 2.0 in Malmö in November was a success. Therefore, Sigma Technology now offers customers in Göteborg and Stockholm the same seminar in the spring of 2010.

-“ We are very happy that our customers share our view on the future. I am sure that customers in Göteborg and Stockholm will appreciate the seminar too”, says Niklas Malmros, Global Operation Manager for Information Management at Sigma Technology.

The dates set for the seminars are (click the links for full invitation, in swedish):

Göteborg, February 5, 11:30-15:30 – download pdf

Stockholm, April 20, 12:00-16:00 – download pdf

On the agenda:

Sigma Technology’ cooperation for Technical Information. Niklas Malmros, Sigma Technology

  • Quality in information systems. Prof. Welf Löwe, Växjö University
  • Technical information 2.1. Prof. Jonas Löwgren, Malmö University
  • Technical information must answer a single question – quickly! Tomas Eriksson, Sigma Technology

Please contact seminarium@sigmatechnology.com for more information or to reserve your place.