Technical Information 2.1: Feedback, Videos, Presentations

Our Technical Information 2.1 seminars focused on the future of technical information, looked at trends and case studies, and were based on our vast experience in the fields of information development and information management.

Across all three seminars in September and October in Malmö, Stockholm, and Göteborg, we had over 100 attendees consisting primarily of previous, current, and potential customers.


Overall, we received great feedback and really appreciate all the attendees taking their time to fill in our questionnaires. Everyone that attended found the seminars interesting, with 82% of people saying they either found it very or extremely interesting.

What did people find most interesting?

The most interesting part of the seminars was the insight into research and the future of technical information, presented by Jonas Löwgren from Malmö University. However, more people said that presentation by Tomas Eriksson about real cases and SmartShare was extremely interesting, and people appreciated seeing what information management solutions were available. SmartShare was actually a great topic of discussion after the seminars, with many people inquiring as to the capabilities of it.

We are very pleased to see that 95% of all attendees would recommend the seminars, of which 81% would strongly recommend them.

What can we improve?

Many of the attendees would like to see more research into what the end users of documentation make of the documentation and the tools they use for accessing the documentation. They would also like to see how that compares to the research Sigma Technology carried out with Novus looking at how our customers, the suppliers of technical information, think of the documentation.

What does the future hold, Technical Information 2.2? If that is our next course, then we are pleased to say that 99% would like to attend the next time we hold these seminars, of which 71% would be either very or extremely likely to attend next time.


View the Göteborg seminar in full at our YouTube channel.


See Daniel’s presentation about the latest trends and our research with Novus HERE.

See Tomas’s presentation about real cases and SmartShare HERE.