Technical Information 2.1 Seminars

Last Friday, we held our final seminar in Technical Information 2.1, in Göteborg. Our Technical Information 2.1 seminars focused on the future of technical information, looked at trends and case studies, and were based on our vast experience in the fields of information development and information management.

The seminars were held in Stockholm, Göteborg, and Malmö during the past month for previous, current, and potential customers, covering the following three topics:

  • Latest Trends, looking at Sigma Technology’s latest customer survey, presented by Daniel Björkman, manager of Sigma Technology Information Management
  • Real Cases, looking at current uses of technical information and development of tools used in these cases, presented by Tomas Eriksson, Operation Manager of DocFactory
  • An Insight into Research, looking at research into the usability and the future of technical information, presented by Jonas Löwgren, guest speaker from Malmö University

The feedback from each of the seminars was very positive, with Jonas’s research being the highlight for most people. Some very interesting points were raised by both the speakers and the attendees, with the research and case studies proving to be great discussion points.

We would like to thank all those that attended and to our three speakers, for a fantastic set of seminars!

Look out for more of our customer seminars in the near future, but until then, check out our Facebook page for some pictures, and check our news section on the website in the near future for a downloadable video of the Göteborg seminar.