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Upprop Ukraina is a fundraising initiative to directly support the Ukrainian nation established by the Ukrainian Embassy and Honorary Consul in Sweden.

UPD 25.10.22

Upprop Ukraina has already gathered almost 20 000 000 SEK. The funds were transferred to support Ukrainians with 24-hours food rations for the Humanitarian hub in the Mykolaiv oblast, medical equipment (e.g. tourniquets), means and equipment for humanitarian demining, personal protection equipment, and other humanitarian needs. 


UPD 1.04.22

A month after the start of fundraising, Upprop Ukraina has gathered SEK 16,500,000. 


UPD 18.03.22

Upprop Ukraina has gathered SEK 13,000,000 in two weeks! Thank you for your contributions and support. We stand with Ukraine!


UPD 9.03.22

Upprop Ukraina has gathered SEK 12,000,000 in a week! We want to thank everyone who contributed and showed their solidarity with Ukraine during the saddest times.

We encourage all companies to make contributions to support the Ukrainian nation.

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