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Sigma Technology Group highlights the importance of gender equality in entrepreneurship. Vlora Ramadani, President at Sigma Technology North Solutions and Vice Chairman of the Board at Företagarna Umeå, spoke at a recent Building Women network meeting, sharing insights on increasing the percentage of women-led businesses.

Vlora Ramadani
Vlora Ramadani, President at Sigma Technology North Solutions


Building Women is a newly established female network in Umeå that aims to support and encourage women operating in the construction and real estate industries. Vlora’s speech at the network’s event focused on the positive impact of gender equality on business profitability. “We want to demonstrate how prioritizing gender equality improves business performance,” she said. “This will encourage decision-makers to invest in diversity across gender, age, and origin.”

Vlora also highlighted key insights during her presentation: 

  • Low Representation of Women-Led Businesses: Only 31% of the half a million micro-enterprises in Sweden have female founders. 
  • Gender Gap in Leadership: Women remain underrepresented in leadership roles within companies. 
  • Enhanced Financial Performance: Companies with a higher percentage of women in management positions demonstrate stronger financial performance. 

During the event, Vlora also recognizes the power of collaboration in driving progress towards gender equality. The Lika Affärer initiative exemplifies this, bringing together a diverse expert group and influential partners to create a real impact. Their mission aligns with our own belief that fostering inclusivity in entrepreneurship is not only the right thing to do but also a smart business strategy with far-reaching benefits. 

True gender equality in business goes beyond representation. This event tackles the systemic challenges that hold women entrepreneurs back, from limited networks to unequal access to finances. This project will showcase the link between diversity and profitability, encouraging leaders to embrace an inclusive approach that benefits everyone.



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