Women in technology: 3 Questions about IT to Johanna

Women in Technology - Interview with Johanna

What do you value the most in your work?

I find my job creative. That’s a fun thing. People mostly associate creativity with painting, design, or another type of art. For me, creativity is in programming. The whole world is open in front of an engineer, who has the freedom to choose new tools for accomplishing the goals. Programming is the way to express myself and do things I love.

Why have you chosen IT?

I have always liked discovering new things and solving problems. As I grew older, I discovered that engineers are the people who deal with such quizzes and dilemmas daily. Thus, when it was time for me to consider a major for higher education, I chose mechanical engineering without much doubt. At the third year of my studies, I explored the automotive industry and found that it’s very appealing to me. As a result, I did my master thesis in mechatronics.

My next discovery was programming – a splendid combination of problem solving and math.

When I worked on my thesis at Sigma Technology, I saw the team of inspired engineers, who also love solving problems! We share same values and the geeky nature to discover new technologies and tools all the time. Currently, I work as a test automation engineer for one of our biggest clients in the automotive industry, and I feel that I’m in the right place.

What would you advise the young women who are just starting their career?

Firstly, don’t be afraid to follow your heart. Study hard and chase your dream.

Secondly, consider programming. If you like math, solving problems and creating new things, programming and engineering are just for you! I assure you that you will get the tools to discover the world and meet people who love their work and who will become your friends for a lifetime.

About Women in technology interviews

Information technology is one of the most developed areas nowadays, as a lot of new inventions come every day. The majority of businesses have now recognized that balanced and diversified work environment brings the best productivity. It also implies harmonious joint work of men and women. However, still a small percentage of women consider the IT sphere for the future employment. Therefore, we would like to launch a new series of interviews Women in technology with Sigma Technology’s female employees to show that women are making a big change in technology and IT. #technologywomen2015

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