DocFactory IoTH Framework Mentioned in Malmö University’s IOTAP Brochure 2016


IOTAP Brochure 2016 released by Malmö University gives a glimpse of the projects conducted in the IOTAP research center over the year. The goal of this center is to be the leading research environment in making the Internet of Things useful and usable. For achieving this goal, scientists from two main areas have united their efforts: Computer Science and Interaction Design.

One of the projects developed by IOTAP research center is DocFactory IoTH Framework based on Sigma Technology’s existing software platform, DocFactory. The platform provides middleware-level information integration as well as basic user interface management. What DocFactory IoTH Framework does is collecting massive volumes of information from IoT devices and providing only information relevant to the user.

Tomas Eriksson, Global Operations Manager at Sigma Technology Solutions, explains the idea of the project:

“IoT devices will create and deliver massive amounts of data, which will be used by IoT platforms. Humans, however, are ill-equipped to deal with the massive amounts of data coming their way. What is needed is highly contextualized and personalized information that is also actionable. By marrying this information with IoT, we will get smarter IoT. We need to intelligently filter just the data and information which is needed and present the results at a level of abstraction that is ready for a human to act upon.”

The demo of DocFactory IoTH Framework is available at http://docfactory.com/iot-demo/. The system in the demo is connected with weather stations from Netatmo. It receives sensor data about geolocation, temperature, humidity, and pressure. Based on the sensor information, the demo system provides information that is relevant to your location, weather, and so forth.

Photo source: http://docfactory.com/iot-demo/

Try and click on different locations and see that depending on the temperature or geo data, different information is retrieved from DocFactory.

The demo is just one possible application for merge of IoT and endless information we can now receive from multiple sources. The DocFactory IoTH network can be linked with any other sensors and provide the information based on the context.

Curious to learn more about the DocFactory IoTH Framework? Please contact Tomas Eriksson (tomas.eriksson@sigmatechnology.com).

Find the brochure from the IOTAP research center at http://iotap.mah.se/iotap-2016-summary/

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