Sigma Technology shared technical information insights and trends at the BOTI conference

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Magnus Holm – Accenture, Anna-Karin Andersson – SAAB, Sten von Troil – Transperfect, Johan Thornadtsson – Sigma Technology, Sofia Johansson – Combitech, Elin Parsjö – Combitech

On October 19-20, the Swedish Industry Organization for Technical Information (BOTI) held its annual conference at Epicenter in Stockholm, where Sigma Technology’s experts discussed the coming trends in technical information and shared insights.

BOTI’s goal is to promote the development of the technical information domain. The annual conference is BOTI’s platform to gather opinion leaders, businesses, and technical information experts in Sweden. The topic of the conference was trends in technical information, where representatives of the branch discussed technology information in different industries, AI-based translation, data visualization, automatically written texts, alternatives to text and other important subjects. Once again, the conference was in the format of a talk show with Karin Adelsköld, a famous stand-up comedian and television presenter, as a host. This was the first year, when the BOTI conference was available in a hybrid format with half of the attendees present onsite in Stockholm and the rest of the participants joining online from all over the country.

This year, Sigma Technology participated as a sponsor, a speaker, and an exhibitor. The representatives were participating in several sections of the BOTI’s talk show:

  • Johnny Fägersten, CEO at Sigma Technology Origo, discussed alternative forms of the product information and possibilities to use 3D models for technical documentation.
  • Malin Hammarberg, Usability and Accessibility Specialist and Unit Manager, and Jason Brim, Information & Communication Specialist, took part in the “Information Engineer 2025” dialogue, where they discussed what the role of the information engineer includes today and what skills the experts will need in the coming years.
  • Johan Thornadtsson, CEO at Sigma Technology Information, was one of the organizers of this year’s event and is also an active member of BOTI’s Steering Board.

Furthermore, Sigma Technology set up a virtual studio in Gothenburg to discuss the hot topics of the technical information domain with conference visitors during the breaks.

Johan Thornadtsson commented: “BOTI is a very awaited event both for experts and business representatives. This conference serves as a venue where they can discuss today’s tendencies and tomorrow’s agenda within the technical information domain. As a leading product information consulting company, we work a lot with information quality and smart troubleshooting to help our clients create innovative products. This year’s BOTI conference gave us many insights and we are looking forward to applying new knowledge,” summarizes Johan. Learn more about how we work with Product Information.

Find more information about BOTI and the talk show about Technical Information at BOTI’s website. See you there next year!


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