Sweden-Kosovo Digital Collaboration in Focus: Sigma Technology and the Swedish Embassy host inaugural event in Pristina


The Embassy of Sweden in Kosovo, Sigma Technology, and Appbites hosted an event dedicated to the Kosovo–Sweden cooperation in Pristina. The evening gathered distinguished representatives from the Government of Kosovo, academia, and the private sector, all focusing on the growing connections between the two countries’ ICT sectors.

Sigma Technology was recently established in Pristina by acquiring a major stake in Appbites, a Kosovo software development company offering complete solutions and expertise in software development and design. The companies have a long-term plan of expansion and becoming one of the top employers in the Kosovo ICT sector.

“I see great potential in our expansion to Kosovo. This is a country where driven, multilingual, and ambitious youth will lead the change and drive the nation’s development. Sigma Technology has been ranked among Sweden’s top three Best Employers for the past five years, and we aim to achieve the same success in Kosovo. Our highly satisfied customers are a testament to our operational excellence, where subsidiary companies can steer a lot. We are here to create opportunities together,” stated Niklas Malmros, CEO of the Solutions Group Business Area at Sigma Technology Group, during the evening.

The event commenced with inspiring speeches from Mr. Jonas Westerlund, Ambassador of Sweden to Kosovo; Ms. Rozeta Hajdari, Minister of Industry, Entrepreneurship, and Trade in the Republic of Kosovo; and Ms. Artane Rizvanolli, Minister of Economy in the Republic of Kosovo. They all highlighted the critical role of Sweden-Kosovo cooperation in advancing digitalization, ensuring information security, and promoting diversity and inclusion within the ICT sector. Ambassador Westerlund underscored in his speech that “the phenomenon of nearshoring, coupled with the Russia’s ongoing threats against the European security architecture, has the potential to turn Kosovo into an ICT & manufacturing hub of Europe. I see great interest from Swedish companies to start operations in Kosovo.”

Arianit Kurti, Head of Department of Informatics at Linnaeus University, shared valuable insights on the driving role of industry-academia cooperation: “Universities play a vital role in building bridges—bridges that span across nations, sectors, and academic disciplines. At Linnaeus University, our vision is to set knowledge in motion for sustainable societal development. Recently, the culmination of a four-year project PHDICTKES, led to the establishment of the National Research School in ICT in Kosovo. The project activities and National Research School in ICT have been instrumental in expanding the collaborative efforts between Sweden and Kosovo. Congratulations to Sigma Technology Group and Appbites—we wish them continued success in Kosovo!”

“Our story began in 2016 when we founded Appbites with Rinor, fresh from our master’s studies in Belgium and Germany. Though we had limited business knowledge at the time, we were driven by our passion for leveraging our software development skills and newly acquired education. Our team is not just a group of professionals; it’s a community. We’ve seen many engineers pass through our doors, bringing fresh perspectives and taking with them invaluable experience. Together with Sigma Technology, we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. We are dedicated to fostering innovation, creating jobs, and building a strong, sustainable tech industry in Kosovo. This partnership is not just about business; it’s about building bridges between our two nations and contributing to a brighter future for both,” adds Arianit Pajaziti, CEO at Appbites.


The event set a solid foundation for future development in the ICT sector and beneficial cooperation between both countries.

For more information on Appbites, visit appbit.es.