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Upprop Ukraina

Fundraiser and direct support without intermediaries for the benefit of the Ukrainian nation.

Upprop Ukraina is a fundraising initiative to directly support the Ukrainian nation established by Andrii Plakhotniuk, Ukraine’s ambassador in Sweden, and Carl Vikingsson, Ukraine’s honorary consul in Sweden and CEO at Sigma Technology Group, which has 2,000 IT consultants in Ukraine through its subsidiary Sigma Software.

In 2022, the project has collected approximately 19 500 000 SEK. The funds were transferred to support Ukrainians with 24-hours food rations for the Humanitarian hub in the Mykolaiv oblast, medical equipment (e.g. tourniquets), means and equipment for humanitarian demining, personal protection equipment, and other humanitarian needs. 

We encourage all companies to make contributions to support the Ukrainian nation, find more information at the official website.

Other Projects

FC Rosengård

Sigma supports the FC Rosengård club which is renowned for its focus on social development and helping young people realize their dreams.

Star for Life

As a proud sponsor of Star for Life, a unique program aimed to empower youth in Southern Africa, we have an opportunity to help children in South Africa follow their dreams, pursue further education, and fight against the spread of HIV and AIDSS.

Swedish Club

Sigma Technology’s team is diverse and truly international. Our team launched internal Swedish Club meetings, where Sigma Technology colleagues could write, talk, and practice listening comprehension.


WiTech is a female network in the Kronoberg region where Sigma Technology is a gold sponsor. WiTech aims to inspire future generations of girls to join IT, inspire more women in tech to become role models, and create a meeting place for women in tech.

Bridge Budapest

Within the Bridge Budapest initiative we are building a movement of value-based and long-term-minded business actors to contribute to the creation of a world of meaningful work where knowledge and performance matter.

Emerging Cooking Solutions

Swedish-Zambian Emerging Cooking Solutions vision and mission are to change energy use in Zambia, "level up" energy solutions, innovate and bring knowledge from North to South and back.


Sigma Technology Hungary partners with Skool, a non-profit organization in Hungary, whose mission is to introduce the world of coding to young girls and underprivileged groups.

Special Olympics Sweden

Special Olympics Sweden was established to inspire people with intellectual disabilities to engage in physical activities or sports. The main goal is to give everyone, regardless of ability, a chance to live a healthier and more physically active life.

We are Open

We are committed to promoting equal opportunities for women and men at the workplace by releasing diversity indicators and developing programs to support Women’s Career Advancement. We still have much to do, but we believe that a successful company is one where equality reigns supreme.

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