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AWS re:Invents 12th anniversary took place this year on November 27th until December 1st and was held in sunny Las Vegas. AWS re:Invent is a learning conference hosted by AWS for the global cloud computing community. Jimmy Dahlqvist, William Cloarec, Karl Mösenbacher, and Johannes Pelto-Piri from Sigma Technology Cloud attended this year’s event to connect with other cloud experts, expand their knowledge, and learn the latest news from Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

AWS leaders Dr. Werner Vogels, D. Ruba Borno, Dr. Swami Sivasubramanian, Peter DeSantis, and Adam Selipsky were invited to cover the latest trends and breakthroughs in cloud computing, including interesting product announcements and news about AI/ML and infrastructure innovations. AWS re:Invent was a great opportunity for anyone seeking to transform their business with the cloud, hear and learn about the latest innovations with AWS, discover new and interesting technology, and elevate their cloud-computing skills to advance their career.

This week is packed with learnings and a chance to glimpse into the future. re:Invent is also a great opportunity to interact with the community, AWS Heroes, Community Builders, User Group Leaders, and AWS Ambassadors are all around. Not to forget, meeting and discussing technical topics with AWS staff.

One of the major themes this year was clearly Generative AI: there were several announcements of new Generative AI services, such as Amazon Q. Vice President and CTO of Amazon.com, Dr. Werner Vogels, not only gave the community a shout-out, but he also twisted the focus somewhat from Generative AI to cost and sustainability. A clear trend from AWS is that they keep investing in their own chips and in serverless and no/low-code tools.


Jimmy Dahlqvist

Head of AWS Technology at Sigma Technology Cloud

AWS re:Invent 2023 was a conference where you, as an individual or business, learn and have a unique chance to glimpse into the future. It allows getting together to interact with the community and like-minders, share and exchange thoughts, and talk about the future and what’s coming next.

AWS re:Invent

We are looking forward to seeing what the 2024 conference has to offer!



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