Sigma Technology achieves the status of AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

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Sigma Technology has obtained the status of AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. Only companies meeting high standards and AWS demands get this status. By being an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner, Sigma Technology Group gets access to AWS education and certification opportunities and may get AWS support for running joint projects together with the clients.

Sigma Technology Group continues expanding its cloud innovation offer and evolving partnerships with technology providers. Being heavily presented in Sweden, the company sees a high demand among local clients and government institutions for digitalization services that include cloud transformation. Establishing a firm partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) became one of the business goals for 2022 as Amazon’s commitment to environmental sustainability fully resonates with Group’s CSR. The universality of the platform became another decisive point – AWS’s client list covers both big organizations using high-performance computing solutions and fast-growing startups.

Later this year, one of the Group’s subsidiary companies, Sigma Technology Cloud, achieved AWS Partner status and already in six months, managed to upgrade the status to Advanced Level Partner. Rashin Kabodvand, President at Sigma Technology Cloud, comments: “AWS stands among TOP 3 leaders in cloud computing, with more than 30% of the global market share. We see great potential in evolving our know-how in Amazon Web Services and getting more certified experts. We see an enormously increased demand for cloud services and digitalization where clients and government institutions take a step towards the cloud at an increasingly faster pace than before. We hope the partnership will give us a clear positioning and more business opportunities to go forward and help our clients innovate.

Jimmy Dahlqvist, Head of AWS Technology at Sigma Technology Cloud, is responsible for evolving the direction and coaching the team of cloud engineers. He comments: “To achieve AWS Advanced Consulting Partner status, organizations have to demonstrate extensive expertise, client success stories, and get numerous certifications to qualify for AWS Advanced Consulting Partner status. For us, getting the AWS Advanced Consulting Partner status means having more perks for our clients like additional support, benefits from AWS, and, thus, better resources to support them with the workload and IT resources migration to the AWS Cloud.

With individual coaching and ambitious development plans, we set clear and concrete goals. The result of this investment is that we today have over 30 certified consultants and over 20 satisfied customers around the country,” adds Jimmy.

For more information, contact

Rashin Kabodvand, President at Sigma Technology Cloud, rashin.kabodvand@sigmatechnology.com

Jimmy Dahlqvist, Head of AWS Technology at Sigma Technology Cloud, jimmy.dahlqvist@sigmatechnology.com

Nataly Lamkén, Chief Communication Officer at Sigma Technology Group, nataly.lamken@sigmatechnology.com


About Sigma Technology

Sigma Technology Group, part of the Sigma Group, is a privately-owned global technology consulting company with operations in Sweden, Hungary, China, Norway, and Ukraine and global delivery to Europe, the USA, and China. Sigma Technology Group offers cutting-edge expertise in software development, product information, embedded systems design & development, IT infrastructure development & administration, and digital solutions with expert consultants, offshore delivery, and development teams.

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Sigma is owned by Danir AB and has more than 5 000 employees and a network of partners in thirteen countries.