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Danilo Chinchilla, President at Sigma Technology Embedded Network, participated in the CoRE Tech 2023 event, a gathering dedicated to advancing technology in corporate real estate. The event served as a melting pot of ideas, discussions, and networking opportunities, allowing Sigma Technology to engage with industry leaders, real estate executives, and academia representatives.

We asked Danilo to share some insights and ideas to reflect.

Sigma Technology Group at COre Tech 2023


Enriching Conversations and Industry Insights

The event was more than just a conference –  it was a platform where conversations flowed, and use cases and technologies were dissected among like-minded professionals. 


Key Takeaways Influencing Office Insights development and further positioning

Three main takeaways from the event shaped the development and presentation of Office Insights:

Companies relying on battery-operated sensors to measure occupancy were frustrated with the unreliability stemming from uneven battery depletion. Wireless technologies, although facilitating easy installations in the short term, posed long-term challenges with devices not available 100% of the time. The speakers highlighted the significance of using devices from vendors that are homologated, pen-tested, and onboarded into production.

Office Insights, thus, aligns seamlessly with these takeaways. It addresses the frustrations of companies by offering reliability and ease of use. The platform overcomes the pitfalls of wireless technologies, ensuring a robust and consistent system. Moreover, Office Insights meets the industry demand for devices from trusted vendors, making it a valuable solution for corporations aiming to enhance their real estate efficiency.

Danilo also emphasized the importance of facilitating discussions between IT, facility management, and security teams – i.e., breaking the silos between the departments. In many companies, the current owner of a video surveillance system lies outside the IT department. Office Insights ensures a smooth integration process by being homologated, pen-tested, and onboarded into production, fostering collaboration across departments.

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