Sigma Technology is recognized as an Axis Communications Technology Integration Partner


Sigma Technology Embedded Network offers professional IoT, connectivity, and embedded systems services. The company has announced a partnership with Axis Communications, which allows Sigma Technology to integrate with Axis’s world-class video surveillance products, providing customers with a more comprehensive and integrated IoT solution.

With millions of Axis devices installed worldwide, a wealth of CPU and image analysis power is waiting to be tapped into. Sigma Technology brings the ability to aggregate and interpret data from a large number of devices and present insights that lead to data-backed actions.

Sigma Technology Group has been at the forefront of the embedded systems and connectivity market for over 20 years. Its daughter company Sigma Technology Embedded Network, has announced a partnership with Axis Communications, a global leader in network cameras. This partnership will allow Axis Communication and Sigma Technology to offer customers a wider range of innovative solutions that combine the best of the company’s embedded systems and video expertise.

This strategic alliance will allow us to offer our clients a more comprehensive ecosystem of connected solutions. Our expertise in embedded systems combined with Axis’s cutting-edge video technologies will empower businesses to revolutionize their operations, enhance productivity, and gain invaluable insights,” says Danilo Chinchilla Sosa, President at Sigma Technology Embedded Network.

We are incredibly excited about our upcoming platform and services launch, and this partnership has played a pivotal role in making it a reality. We are confident that our clients will experience a level of connectivity and innovation within premises operation that sets new industry standards for commercial real estate and education, among other industry segments.”

Axis Technology Integration Partner Program has recognized Sigma Technology Embedded Network after a rigorous acceptance process. This ensures that Axis Technology Integration Partners can deliver high-quality, integrated solutions to customers.

The technology integration partner program is specifically designed to support vendors providing services, software, and hardware that are complementary to Axis products. Together, we bring the best combination of reliable solutions to our shared customers.

Working with Axis Communications is an exciting opportunity that will propel both Axis and Sigma Technology customers into a new era of possibilities. By combining our expertise, we will deliver groundbreaking networking solutions, expanding possibilities of the Axis Communication platforms and revolutionizing security, connectivity, and efficiency.

The partnership between Sigma Technology Group and Axis Communications will allow customers to:

  • Be able to interpret large amounts of data produced by Axis native analytics.
  • Expand the capabilities of Axis Communications solutions.
  • Benefit from the expertise of two leading companies in the IoT space
  • Be assured of high-quality, integrated solutions that meet customer demands.

The company looks forward to collaborating with clients, partners, and stakeholders to create a better and more connected future.