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Sigma Technology Digital Solutions has welcomed their first-ever intern, Stefan Orescanin! Stefan is currently studying to become a Software Developer with AI-competence. We asked him about his experience at Sigma Technology so far and what his plans are going forward. 

Sigma Technology Digital Solutions
Stefan Orescanin
  • Why did you choose an internship at Sigma Technology?

    I wanted to experience first-hand how it would feel to work at a consulting company where you are able to work with a multitude of different projects because I still have a lot to discover about working with programming and all of the different ways it can be utilized.

  • What are you studying to become?

    I am studying to become a Software developer with AI-competence.

  • Do you have a current project that you are working on?

    I will be working with a project that entails bug-fixing and setting up new functions for a customer’s website.

  • How has your experience at Sigma Technology been so far?

    Very fun! The colleagues are all very inviting and knowledgeable, so it feels like a great place to grow and gain new connections.

  • Would you recommend other students to do an Internship at Sigma Technology?

    Wholeheartedly, the people are kind and share their knowledge freely, which is something that makes a great place to learn and develop your skills further.

We strongly believe in investing in the next generation of talents, and by initiating an internship program, we can contribute to the professional growth of ambitious developers and engineers. Anna Lantz, President at Sigma Technology Digital Solutions