Sigma Technology launches a new company with a focus on digital accessibility and inclusiveness

Anna och Lotta inne scaled

Since the end of 2020, Sigma Technology Group has started nine new companies to meet the growing demand for digitalization, intelligent IT solutions, and cloud transformation. The goal with the startups is to create 700 new jobs in the coming three years and establish Sigma Technology in new markets. One of the most recent launches of Sigma Technology Group became Sigma Technology Digital Solutions, a Gothenburg-based company headed by Anna Lantz, President, and Lotta Berlin, Vice President.

“Our vision is to help and share our knowledge so that we could create a more inclusive digital world, shares Anna Lantz, we want to navigate our customers throughout their digitalization journey, and support them with the management of their business challenges and help them discover how they can improve products and services. At the organizational level, this means establishing leadership, developing internal policies and practices throughout the organization, and training customer’s team.”

Today Sigma Technology Digital Solutions consultants work with several larger private organizations and public institutions in Gothenburg providing sophisticated digital solutions and IT services. The development of assistive digital products that will help create a more accessible and inclusive ecosystem will be one of the core offerings.

“Nearly everyone in the organization is responsible for equality, sustainability, and accessibility at some level or point. With the rapid technological development, the questions of accessibility may easily get unprioritized. Together with our team, we want to turn the development process around, making accessibility a cornerstone of the customers’ digitalization solutions, be it usability or software development services,” adds Lotta Berlin.

The team is now actively growing and looking for new talents passionate about making the digital world more inclusive and sharing interest in Java, Front-End, and React technologies.


For more information, contact:

Anna Lantz, CEO at Sigma Technology Digital Solutions, anna.lantz@sigmatechnology.com, +46 705 505 709

Nataly Lamkén, Chief Communications Officer at Sigma Technology, nataly.lamken@sigmatechnology.com, +46 725 194 048