Celebrating Women in Technology

Dóra Nagy
Dóra Nagy, Information Engineer, Budapest

I am an information engineer. My job is to create technical descriptions and operating instructions for users who access these documents in a manual or in an online database. I gather the information that is required for the documentation from the engineers, and then sort it out and systemize it, focusing a great deal on customer rules.

Do not be afraid to follow your dreams, no matter how big they seem to you at first, because if you are persistent, you can achieve them. Be confident and cheerful, give the world the best you have, and then let everything fall into place.

Natasha Steindal

Natasha Steindal, Information Engineer, Växjö, Sweden

Technology means that I can interact with other people and cultureы in a second, and it gives me the means to learn new things every day on a more global point of view. For me, technology means that borders are erased among people, countries, and companies. It is the present and the future combined. Somedays I feel that the technology we experience today is the best, but then I think about the future and all the amazing things that will be possible due to technology that we don’t know yet. That is truly the most exciting thing about it: the innovation and possibilities technology brings to our present and future.

Tina Yuan

Tina Yuan, DITA Migration Leader and Technical Writer, China
Being a technical writer is really challenging and interesting. I say it is challenging because there are always new things for you to learn, not just the various writing styles, but also you will need to grasp lots of qualifications as time goes by, such as language, illustration, customer mindset, communication, coordination, project management or even product management skills and etc.
I say it is interesting because how can you get bored learning new things every day, especially when you help numerous people across the world use the products with the help of your documentation.
Hazzy He, Technical Writer, China
Technology for me is a better future. It traps our mind and changes the world each day. It is up to us to decide whether we want to be pioneers or slaves of technology.

Rebecka Nyqvist

Rebecka Nyqvist, Information Engineer, Lund, Sweden

I love constantly learning new things. As a technical writer, I really need to thoroughly understand what I write about, and that requires me to do research and to ask a lot of questions. Also, I like to teach what I learn in a way that anyone can understand! During my final year and my master thesis, I got very interested in typography and graphic design and notices I really liked to write my thesis and spent way too much time on the text itself. Still, I wanted to combine those interests with my mechanical engineering background.

Pursue what you find interesting! Keep on learning new things and you will notice what excites you the most, then continue to explore similar areas and choose to do what feels right for you! No one knows you better than yourself; trust your instincts. The world is full of wonders, and the future is full of technology!

Katalin Czimbalmos

Katalin Czimbalmos, Quality Manager, Budapest, Hungary

I work as a quality manager. This job title translates to a lot of different things, but what I actually do is work with different development teams and support them in driving continuous improvement activities.

Do not think science, technology, and research are only for boys, or what is worse, only for geeks. Besides a scientific background, these areas require a lot of creativity and diligence. Working for a research organization in any role will give you the reward of creating something new and doing a job that you enjoy.

Linlin Zhang
Linlin Zhang, Control System Engineer, Stockholm, Sweden

I believe that engineering makes the scientific dreams come true. As an engineer, you do not only need to have the sufficient knowledge but also have to be creative enough to invent things. Since only by combining your technical skills and creativity you can realize your ideas into a product or a system. The whole process is like an adventure, it is something you enjoy and become passionate about.

Aniko Simon
Anikó Simon – Information engineer, Budapest, Hungary

I think I have an interesting job: it’s full of exciting, new challenges (there are no two identical problems), and requires problem-solving skills, creativity, and accuracy.
I like the process of gathering the necessary information to solve a problem, then making the collected information understandable for the customer, and giving the final form and structure to the document that the customer will get.

Dare to choose the career you always wanted, and don’t let others change your mind about it. If you choose engineering, go fight for it and don’t let difficulties hold you back.

Lina Hellmo
Lina Hellmo, Information Engineer, Lund, Sweden

Study hard and be open to new challenges. Don’t be afraid of trying your hand at different areas.
Your education is only a platform to start with; it is the path you choose after school that will define your career.
Seek a mentor for advice if you feel lost and don’t be afraid to ask your colleagues. They are humans, just like you!

Andrea Kaltenecker
Andrea Kaltenecker, Software Developer, Budapest, Hungary
I find my job creative because I work with new technologies and new developments. These are very interesting things for me. I think new technologies are the first step to reaching a better life. Doctors help us with medicine, programmers with new technologies. 🙂

Sandra Siby Sigma
Sandra Siby, Embedded Design Engineer, Gothenburg, Sweden

The most exciting about my job are mainly two things. The first is the variety of areas that I can work within, the possibility for me to choose if I want to work the most towards people or deep down in some technical product. The second is that I’m part of the development of the latest technology, it’s both the excitement of working with new ideas and concepts as well as the satisfaction when the product we have developed is produced and can be used by anyone.

Hend Kareem
Hend Kareem, Development Engineer, Stockholm, Sweden

I have been working as a development engineer for one of our biggest clients in the automotive sector for more than a year now. I am developing a node system that controls doors, climate, and lighting in buses. My role there is both broad and fulfilling. On the same day, I can be a programmer, a tester, and a requirement engineer. I feel engaged in this role all the time since I have challenging and absorbing tasks that draw me in and hold my attention. These engaging tasks vary from problem-solving and implementing new functions to delivering support to others and specifying how things should work.

About Women in technology interviews
Technology is one of the most developed areas nowadays, as many new inventions come every day. The majority of businesses have now recognized that balanced and diversified work environment brings the best productivity. It also implies harmonious joint work of men and women. However, still, a small percentage of girls consider technology and engineering for their education and future employment. Therefore, we launched a series of interviews devoted to Women in Technology with Sigma Technology’s female employees to show that women are making a big change in technology and engineering world. #womenintechnology
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