Four Questions for Daniel Thysell

Hi Daniel, tell us shortly about yourself. What do you do at Sigma and how did this story begin?

I am COO at Sigma Technology Consulting in Stockholm. I am leading my group of software developers, and I am a consultant as well, helping our clients getting to grips with Agile.

I have been working at software projects during my whole career, both as a developer and as a leader. Even if I don’t work as a programmer today, I try to keep my mind active by learning and sharing knowledge with my colleagues.

My career at Sigma Technology started in 2014 when Sigma Technology Consulting started up business in Stockholm.

What is something you’d be happy doing every single day for the rest of your career?

I want to create a sustainable impact on people I meet. Both professionally and privately. I want to help people evolve themselves and help them evolve their business. I think that if I could do that for the rest of my life I would be really happy. That’s my vision of a better tomorrow.

You are not only passionate at work but also enthusiastic and engaged when it comes to mountain biking. Do you believe that passion is important both at work and in private life, are they connected?

I do think passion is one of the success factors. Passion gives me extra motivation and ability to get better results, I find myself very fortunate doing the work that I love. I also do believe that determination is at least as important as passion. Sometimes you just have to do things, and I feel that I get passionate about things when I have mastered them and learned what they are all about.

What are your three high productivity tips?

1. Listen to what others are actually saying. Really listen, to colleagues and clients. By listening to them you gain an understanding of their world, their problems, and needs.

2. Try to understand other people’s point of view. Then you’ll get a better understanding and can take better decisions. You need more points of views to understand what you want to do. The world is complex and ever-changing, which means that there is a degree of uncertainty in the actions we take to reach the results we want to have. Through making more input and attaining more understanding that uncertainty decreases.

3. I try to increase the psychological safety around me. Everybody wants to be in a situation where they feel that they can express their ideas and not be afraid of backlash. To create a culture that has a high level of psychological safety is one of the best productivity boosts in the long term.


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