From China to Sweden and back again

-“Working for Sigma Technology was a dream, and I made it come true” says Yuting Fang enthusiastically. The dream started at the Job Opportunity Days at Växjö University (AMÅR) in 2008, where Yuting first came in contact with Sigma Technology.

-“I had no idea there were companies that specialized in information logistics, I assumed that large corporations all had their own departments for that. When I found Sigma Technology I knew what I wanted to do after graduating”, Yuting says.

But the question was: how to get there?

Yuting studied for her BSc at the Wuhan University of Technology. For her master’s degree, she chose to take the MSc Information Systems offered by Växjö University, in order to get some cross-cultural experience and to see Europe. When it was time to write the Master’s thesis, she approached Sigma Technology, having met the company at the job opportunity days. She managed to successfully persuade the management of the local branch in Växjö to be supervisors for her thesis. The subject of the thesis was “Introduction of DocFactory on the Chinese market”.

The work with the thesis was so successful that Yuting was offered a job after graduation. She is now employed at the Sigma Technology Shanghai office and working as a Technical Writer in a project for one of the major telecom companies.

-“Being a global company, it is important for us to have co-workers that understand not only technology, but culture too. Employees in China must be able to work together with colleagues and customers in Sweden, for example” says Daniel Björkman, Department Manager at the Sigma Technology office in Växjö.

Yuting is very happy she made her dream job come true. “I really look forward to working at Sigma Technology”, she says.

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