Get ready for SmartShoring with Sigma!

Nowadays market dictates cost saving strategies. Hence, more and more companies are considering outsourcing as one of the key elements in their plans. This may look misleadingly complex or too simple, but in fact, blended delivery between different countries would just require certain tailoring of the main processes and standards, which drive your organization.

During our SmartShoring event we will consider most typical questions that should be answered before making the decision to go for hiring external team for your project:

  • What to outsource and how to do this safe?
  • How to choose the right project for it and what business model to choose?
  • How to find the right vendor? What are the selection criteria?
  • Who can manage this from my organization perspective? And many other questions.

“Having over 10 years of substantial experience in blended delivery of software development services from Sweden and Ukraine to our clients, we have seen hundreds of various outsourcing strategies in action and spotted a number of tricks for becoming successful, which we would like to share. Our SmartShoring event is a great chance to get some insights on how your organization could adjust existing strategy of blended delivery or create a new one,” says Daniel Björkman, Vice President at Sigma Technology Solutions.

“We believe that hiring external team for projects delivery is a great opportunity for businesses to maintain top quality of their products, while lowering down the cost of production and shortening time to market. It’s all about best practices in effective outsourcing strategies building. We will be glad to meet you there!” adds Valery Krasovsky, COO at Sigma Software.

Join us at Sigma SmarShoring 2014! To participate please send your email to daniel.bjorkman@sigmatechnology.com

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