A Glimpse of the IoT World Conference by Stuart Smith

Photo: Stefan Millett (to the left) and Stuart Smith (to the right) visiting Sigma Connectivity’s both at IoT World 2017

Stuart Smith shares his impressions about the event:

“I was at IoT World last year, and the main theme seemed to be ‘Big Data – What do we do with all of the information gathered from sensors and connected devices.’ One of the seminars I watched last year said: ‘find a small everyday task that can be made easier with the help of IoT.’

This year seemed to show a lot more down-to-earth solutions, basically lots of companies demonstrating how their product can aid in the everyday life. Have a look at the Day 3 IoT World Highlights to get an idea.

My overall impression was that this conference had matured and companies were starting to demonstrate product as opposed to just talking about the connected world. There seemed to be quite a few companies demonstrating “the parking garages problem”. This obviously seemed to be something that many can relate to and a simple way to connect devices, sensors, and cameras to identify empty spaces.

IoT World Day 3
Photo: Seminar about “Design to Development in less than 3 months.”

Sigma Connectivity had their booth close to the developer stage and demonstrated their devices. Overall, there seem to be many companies making prototypes or manufacturing for other companies now. I watched a seminar about how companies can take proof of concept into production in under 3 months.

There were obviously the big players there with lots of floor space like Google, HPE, Samsung, Ericsson, but also many smaller innovative companies and startups.

All in all, it was very interesting and definitely something Sigma Technology should attend every year.”
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