Help us help. Sigma Technology supports Doctors without Borders

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We are witnessing an extraordinary situation close to Europe where millions of people have had to flee their homes to survive war, terrorism, and Islamic fundamentalism. We also have a conflict within Europe, in Ukraine, where more than 1 million migrants have left their homes. People are in acute need of medicine and healthcare in their temporary camps or their countries.

Therefore, Sigma Technology will support the Doctors without Borders project as a special initiative in 2015, in addition to our ongoing sustainability projects. The organization Doctors without Borders brings medical aid where it is needed most; Independent, neutral, and impartial.

The company will start with an initial donation of 50 000 SEK and will contribute with 50 SEK for every 100 SEK that our employees give until the goal of 200 000 SEK is reached.

Carl Vikingsson, CEO at Sigma Technology Group, comments:

“The world faces the migration problem more than it had before. People are in great need of home and medical aid. We decide not to stay aside and, together with our employees, contribute to a better tomorrow, supporting the Doctors without Borders project.”

For more information, please see Sigma Technology’s fundraising event.


About sustainability at Sigma Technology – Expect a better tomorrow

Sigma Technology regularly takes part in activities that contribute to a sustainable future, by supporting innovation and development through education. We do that in close cooperation with universities by driving innovation, through exchange programs, and on a voluntary basis as teachers.

We open up doors for students who want to learn about entrepreneurship or a specific industry, or simply want to acquire a competitive skill in a certain area. We also actively support the younger generations by sponsoring a school in South Africa as part of the Star for Life program. The school fights the spread of HIV and provides a unique level of education. Sigma Technology also sponsors the most promising students, enabling them to access higher education.

Star for Life was created in 2005 by Christin and Dan Olofsson, owner of the Sigma Group, and since then has touched the lives of 300 000 young people.

Read more about our involvement in Star for Life Project.

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