Jan-Erik Åberg tells the story of Swedish Club to Ingenjören

Jan-Erik Åberg, one of our information engineers and founder of Sigma Technology Swedish Club, gave an interview to the Ingenjören magazine (the Swedish newspaper featuring stories of entrepreneurs and scientists, developers and problem solvers). 

Jan-Erik shared how he realizes his passion of learning new languages and helps foreign engineers to master their Swedish with Sigma Technology Swedish Club. Find more information and language learning tips from Janne in Ingenjören nr 2, 2016 (page 17)

About Swedish club

Swedish Club is not a regular Swedish course with a teacher and a textbook. Instead it offers a group of mentors, who help people at whatever level they happen to be, giving feedback on what they say and write, challenging the participants to speak in front of a group and ask questions. The first Swedish Club for foreign engineers gathered 20 participants from all over the world, who had been mastering their Swedish with Sigma Technology mentors for 10 weeks. 

For more information about our Swedish Club concept, contact us at swedishclub@sigmatechnology.com

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