Meet our student ambassadors Thi Hellqvist and Emmie Johansson

Thi Hellqvist (to the left) and Emmie Johansson (to the right)

1. Hi, Thi and Emmie! Tell us about yourself!

Thi: Hi, I study at Chalmers at the Master of Science program in Product Development now, and I expect to graduate in 2017. I like to have an overall perspective, have structure and to plan my work – and that’s why I am interested in management. I also find it interesting with the link between the technique and the humanity. I am still open for suggestions though.

Emmie: Hello! Right now I am studying at Chalmers Master’s program in Product Development. I took my Bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics.

2. What will you do within your role?

Thi: In the role of a student ambassador I will be one of the links between the company and the school. The aim is to make students aware of Sigma and to see their career opportunities when they graduate. How to do that and to be present at events will be the main assignment.

Emmie: I will act as a link between Sigma and Chalmers and make students aware of Sigma as a future employer. I got a very positive impression of Sigma during my time as an intern, and that’s what I want to pass on to other students.

3. What is technology for you?

Thi: Technology is a helping tool for humanity in a lot of different ways, in my opinion. Like I mentioned earlier, this link between the humanity and the technology is an interesting part – maybe I would like to work with the usability of products in the future or work as a project leader.

Emmie: I had no idea that I wanted to work with technology until I started at Chalmers. There, I realized how much you can accomplish with technology. There is only your own creativity that sets the limits, and that’s what I think is so fascinating about it.