Meet Sigma Technology: Sandra Siby, embedded design consultant

We meet Sandra Siby, embedded design consultant, who tells us about how it is to start working as a consultant.

Tell us about yourself and why you find this field of expertise interesting.

This spring, I graduated from the master program Systems, Control and Mechatronics and I started my working career here at Sigma Technology. Technology has always been an interest of mine, especially working with computers and problem solving. What I particularly like in this field of expertise is that it offers a great deal of variation of tasks, and even though you may study for a special field, you never know where you will end up, or what you will do.

You started to work this year. What can you tell us about your first time at Sigma Technology?

My first time at Sigma Technology has been intensive, fun and quite different from my previous time as a student. Of course, there have been many new things to learn and new people to get to know, but I enjoy the challenge and that this is not an ‘easy’ job where everything is known after only one week. I still feel inexperienced and every day I learn something new, but the working role is starting to feel more and more comfortable to me and I’m looking forward to going on with developing and learning during my time here at Sigma Technology.

What is your view on the role as a consultant?

At university, I found both pros and cons of working as a consultant, but now after having chosen it, I am really glad that I did. This is a great challenge for me, and I have freedom at the same time as I have the responsibility to always be able to deliver quality. I really enjoy working in projects where deadlines have to be met even though it can be tough sometimes, and this is the environment that comes with the job. As a consultant I am never lost in the mass, there is no risk to become just one among many others. I have a unique role and always have to do my best to prove myself as being the right person for the job.