Meet the Sigma Technology Student Ambassador

For Sigma Technology, it is very important to cooperate with university students. In their professional life, they may become employees or customers. Because of this, Sigma Technology has established a Student Ambassador role, with the mission to act as a liaison between the company and the students. Meet Pernilla Nordberg, currently a student of electrical engineering at Chalmers University of Technology and the Sigma Technology student ambassador.

Pernilla, tell us what you will be doing in your role!

-“I will act as a link between the students and the company, giving the company the students point-of-view and the students tailored information about the company. In practice this means that I will help shape the activities that Sigma Technology do and the information the company provides, as well as facilitate the establishment of contacts for thesis work or summer jobs. We have many ideas for activities, so there is a good chance that the students in Gothenburg will become much more aware of Sigma Technology!”

If you want to reach Pernilla with a question or comment, you may contact her on pernilla.nordberg@sigmatechnology.com