Notes From Sigma’s Augmented Reality Seminar

Niklas Rengfors works at XMReality in Linköping. XMReality works with remote guidance, and one of their products lets an expert guide a user anywhere. The expert can see through the user’s eyes and guide them by using their hands.

The product is best understood through using it, therefore the visitors of the seminar got a chance to try out the equipment. There is also a video demonstration available on YouTube.

XMReality also has several applications where their product can be used for displaying technical information using augmented reality. Instead of using a manual, a user can see 3D-models with instructions displayed in “plain sight”. This creates a lot of ideas for the future of technical information.

This seminar was fourth Sigma Technology has held in Linköping, and it was well received by the visitors. Sigma Technology will continue to conduct seminars, and the ambition is to also do this in other Swedish cities.

To stay tuned for coming events, check our home page sigmatechnology.com and contact the Sigma Technology site manager at your location.

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