Programming Summer Reading & Learning tips

The summer period is upon us, a time to recharge and get new energy for the rest of the year. Roger Wernersson, our Software Solution Consultant, is a frequent speaker and promoter of extreme programming and Agile Software Development. He has gathered his best programming summer reading & learning tips.

“It happens that I’m asked to suggest great books to read to become a better software developer. Instead of there and then compiling a list, I’ve decided to do it once and for all. Here it is, in alphabetical order. This list will never be finished.

  • •  Clean Architecture – Robert C Martin

A book about how to turn architecture into clean architecture, allowing you to isolate components from each other, but also into how to arrange code inside components.

  • •  Clean Code – Robert C Martin

A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship. An introduction to what code could and should look like.

  • •  Coders at Work – Peter Seibel

Reflections on the Craft of Programming. Very inspirational. Gives lots of insight in a number of great developers’ motivations and methodologies.

  • •  Domain Driven Design – Eric Evans

How to structure the code beyond the obvious of just cleaning it up.

  • •  Effective Java – Joshua Bloch

Tricks of the trade for software crafting.

  • •  Head First Design Patterns – Eric Freeman

An easy introduction to a great toolbox for software development in general.

  • •  Refactoring – Martin Fowler

How to improve code, one step at a time.

  • •  Growing Object Oriented Software Guided by Tests – Steve Freeman, Nat Pryce
  • •  The Clean Coder – Robert C Martin

The essence of being a Professional Software Developer.

  • •  The Coding Dojo Handbook – Emily Bache

Most improvement requires deliberate practice. This book is very inspiring for running or attending Coding Dojos. A practical guide to creating a space where good programmers can become great programmers.

  • •  The Pragmatic Programmer – Andrew Hunt, David Thomas
    •  Test Driven – Lasse Koskela

Test Driven is the first one-stop shop for Java developers wanting a comprehensive understanding of how to apply test driven development (TDD) methodology to Java.”

Video tips

Roger has also compiled a list of videos and presentations about software development that he deems worth the time, check the playlist on YouTube.
If you are looking for specific video channels to follow, these are Roger’s favorite:
• Agila Sverige
• Codurance
• DevOne
• Devoxx
• DevTernity
• factor10
• FooCafe
• InfoQ
• KanDDDinsky
• NDC Conference
• Softhouse
• Swetugg

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