Sigma and Free2move collaborate on IoT solutions

The collaboration springs from an ongoing project related to establishing a common IoT lab at Linnaeus University in Växjö. The lab environment serves as a shared test environment for trying out new data streams, sensors, and visualization methods. The collaboration includes development for integration of new data sources, analytical models, and training in Free2moves IoT-platform, 2ConnectTM.

Sigma Technology Solutions, Linnaeus University, and Free2move are already engaged in a European eHealth project, in which the Swedish side is partly funded by Vinnova. We expect that expanded cooperation between the two companies will contribute to new innovative solutions for monitoring and analysis of the indoor climate. We have major interest in studying of impacts on learning and work environment of such indoor climate factors as light, sound, CO2 levels, temperature, humidity, presence detection, and so forth.

The collaboration also includes a long-term commitment to arrange academic activities at Linnaeus University with a state-of-the-art IoT environment to promote combined training in areas such as data science and behavioral science.

Anders Due-Boje, CEO at Free2move says:“Cooperation with Sigma Technology Solutions enables us to further expand applications for the 2ConnectTM platform. We believe that Sigma Technology’s extensive expertise and experience in such areas as application design and user interfaces can provide Free2move with valuable tools for customized visualization of data streams generated by the 2Connect platform.”

“Today, IoT is much more than just a modern word or a trend. It is a tool for small and large companies working in manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and other sectors. A connected society is our vision of tomorrow. We are delighted to partner with Free2move Holding AB and we look forward to improving healthcare in home environments together,” says Niklas Malmros, CEO at Sigma Technology Solutions.

For more information, contact Niklas Malmros, niklas.malmros@sigmatechnology.com.

About Free2move

Free2move provides Industrial Internet of Things technology in the form of sensor networks that not only collect and analyze information over wireless networks; but also control and regulate various units. Through simplicity and real-time availability of information, the technology helps businesses operate more efficiently, improving service delivery, while maintaining control of environment and valuable assets.http://www.free2move.se

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