Sigma and Lviv Polytechnic University start cooperation on “knowledge triangle” model

The “knowledge triangle” model requires a strong connection between educational programs, researchers, and companies. The agreement foresees the joint work strengthening the university`s educational program. The activities include:

  • Practical training sessions for students under the company`s supervision;
  • Involvement working on real projects;
  • Special events and contests, aimed at promoting an innovative spirit among students.

The cooperation will also involve working with academic staff on professional development.

“We know how to build a successful partnership with a university since we have been working with Ukrainian universities in different cities for many years. For the students of Lviv Polytechnic University, the company plans to conduct workshops, seminars, internships and many other activities aimed at helping students to strengthen their practical base. We are looking forward to meeting many bright talents with a strong will to learn and aspiration for growth,” shares Nataly Potapova, Head of Training Department at Sigma Software.

Sigma has been a project partner since its inception in 2012. Apart from the partnership we have established successful cooperation with a number of European universities,” says Niklas Malmros, President at Sigma Technology Solutions. The tripartite partnership brings benefits to all parties since IT companies get access to the talent pool of students, Universities enhance the quality of graduates, and students obtain experience while working on real projects.”

For more information, contact Niklas Malmros

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