Sigma is listed among the most attractive employers in Sweden

Each year, university students in Sweden cast a vote for their dream employer of the future. This year over 23 thousand students have taken part in the FöretagsBarometern survey and have chosen the 100 best companies. Among them are Google, Microsoft, IKEA, IBM, Volvo, Ericsson, Oracle and other global corporations.

Sigma is listed as the 42nd dream company among IT students — three positions better than last year.

“We are proud to be listed among the most attractive employers in Sweden together with our Sigma colleagues. We all work hard to establish ourselves as a trustful company to work in and give our candidates and employees superior value as an employer,” shares Carl Vikingsson, CEO at Sigma Technology Group. He also adds:

“This value we achieve by focusing on our employee development principles: challenging and interesting work, caring leaders, trust and respect among all team players to name a few. We also work on gaining self-perfection through training courses and workshops, building and strengthening a corporate spirit, helping future specialists to start their career by school mentorship and many more.”

“This is the result of our constant striving for improvement. We are not only in the list together with such industry giants as Google and IBM, but we also improve every year, and this is quite inspiring” says Niklas Börjesson, COO at Sigma Technology Group.

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