Sigma takes a witty spin on IoT in Budapest

On November 19th Demola Center in Budapest lightened up as Sigma’s Internet of Things conference, co-organized by Sigma Technology and Sigma Software, unfolded. The choice of topic for the conference was definitely not by random: experts agree that IoT is the “next big thing” that will significantly change the way we live, work, travel, or even dress. According to a recent McKinsey report, the potential economic impact of IoT applications could reach up to $11.1 trillion per year in 2025.

The event opened with a welcoming note from H. E. Mr. Niclas Trouvé, Ambassador of Sweden to Hungary, and was followed by keynote speeches. Fredrik Hedlund, CEO at Sigma Connectivity, talked about opportunities in a connected world, emphasizing how “useful conversations” between sensors and smart devices will transform everything from our homes and offices to roads and public places. Yevgeniy Yakovlev, Head of Odessa Office at Sigma Software, presented his thoughts on the future of connectivity, citing real-world examples from ongoing development projects; finally, Clint Heyer, associate professor at Malmö University, gave an insight on how the human factor affects the Internet of Things.

Between the keynote speeches guests were engaged in lively team discussions, and enjoyed excellent food and wine. The conference ended with a team competition and closing words from Carl Vikingsson, CEO at Sigma Technology.

György Nagy, Country Manager at Sigma Technology Hungary, said:

“I believe that the Internet of Things and People will shake the world the same way the internet did just 15-20 years ago. But this change will be faster, go deeper, and be more focused on the user. I am looking forward to those ‘useful conversations’ taking place not just between devices, but also between people, who — as a result of technology — will have more time to communicate with each other instead of spending most of their time on daily chores like shopping, or driving to work. I want to thank Demola Center for being such an excellent venue which inspired innovation and creativity; to our keynote speakers for taking an informal and witty spin on even the most complex technical subjects; and to all our guests for the discussions that never felt boring.”

For more information, please contact György Nagy.

The photo report from the conference is available on Facebook.

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