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Cloud technologies are the drivers of today’s innovation agenda. The most prominent enterprise-level representatives across all industries have reported that 83% of their workloads have resided in the cloud by 2020. So cloud computing is not a trend anymore, but a necessity. We at Sigma Technology strive to help our customers skyrocket their outcomes, providing sophisticated, highly scalable, and robust cloud solutions.  

We are impatient to announce that we are joining AWS Partner Network with over 20 professional certifications proving our expertise in AWS-based solutions.  

 Jimmy Dahlqvist, Head of AWS Technologies at Sigma Technology Cloud, comments on what this substantial partnership means for us: “We are opening up an opportunity to develop and retain a strong bench of certified cloud experts, who will provide well-architected solutions for building sustainable and profitable businesses. Besides, this partnership will facilitate the cloud adoption journey for our customers through free tiers and discounts for AWS services, allowing them to soften their transition to cloud or building the right cloud-based solutions from the ground up.” 

 Rashin Kabodvand, President at Sigma Technology Cloud, adds: “This is only the start of our journey establishing partnerships with the leading cloud and technology providers. Our goal is to be a vendor-independent consulting partner, providing the right solutions best matching our customers’ goals and missions. Partnerships are our way to provide added value, allowing us to extract hidden precious insights for our customers and bring unbiased expertise and proper skills to the project. And, as a cherry on the top, our cloud experts will have access to partner communities, allowing them to exchange resources, knowledge, and experience with other experts.” 


Rashin Kabodvand

President at Sigma Technology Cloud