Sigma Technology expands within Digitalization and Cloud in Stockholm

Rickard Alfredsson Tanja Cronqvist Rashin Kabodvand Sigma Technology web

Rickard Alfredson, Tanja Cronqvist, and Rashin Kabodvand launch three new companies within Sigma Technology Group to strengthen the Group’s position in the IT sector in Stockholm.

Sigma Technology aims to break new ground in Stockholm and offer first-class services in digitalization, Cloud, software design, and system development. With an already established presence in Sweden’s capital and having a total staff of over 2,000 people, Sigma Technology launches three new companies that will continue to support customers on their digitalization journey in all lines of business, from industry, retail, and FinTech to the public sector.

2020 was a challenging year for the Swedish industry and society, with shutdowns and lockdowns due to COVID-19. Still, Sigma Technology chose to follow its strategy for the year and in late autumn 2020, announced a major investment in seven new companies starting in Q4 2020 and Q1 2021. Sigma Technology sees a continuing increased need for digitalization and automated solutions among its customers.

“We see that the need for digitalization and electrification competence and capacity is long-term and almost insatiable. We position ourselves as a top player in our customer segments and now choose to further expand our business to meet market needs. The success of our organizational model lies in using the energy and drive from entrepreneurial companies that together form Sigma Technology Group,” says Carl Vikingsson, CEO of Sigma Technology Group.

“We realize that the market and our customers are starting to recover. The shift to remote and digital solutions makes smart automation and software services more relevant than ever. We launched two new companies in Malmö and Gothenburg during the last months of 2020 and have seen a huge demand for digitalization, electrification, and connectivity services. Therefore, we continue with our investment and launch three more companies in Stockholm, as well as a company in Malmö and another one in Oslo,” says Johan Edlund, Vice President of Sigma Technology Group.

During January and February 2021, Sigma Technology has launched three new companies in the Stockholm area. It is the company’s largest investment ever in the capital. The plan is to continue providing customers with a range of first-class services and competencies within digitalization and system development. Sigma Technology has made key recruitments, and the CEOs of the three new companies all come from large IT consulting companies in the Stockholm area. The new companies will complement Sigma Technology’s offering in the Swedish capital within IT, R&D, product information, and solutions for embedded systems.

In connection with the openings, Sigma Technology will move to new premises located in the heart of Stockholm on Hornsgatan 1. The new companies’ ambition is to create more than 300 jobs in Stockholm over the next three years.

For more information, contact:

Johan Edlund, Vice President, Sigma Technology Group, johan.edlund@sigmatechnology.com, +46 761 181 569.

Nataly Lamkén, Chief Communications Officer, Sigma Technology Group, nataly.lamken@sigmatechnology.com, +46 725 194 048.



Rashin Kabodvand will run Sigma Technology Digital & Cloud Solutions, focusing on Cloud, Automation, and Digitalization. Rashin has over seven years of experience in the IT consulting business and more than ten years of sales experience. She has worked with leading companies in the telecom, private and public sectors and most recently came from the IT consulting company Cybercom, where she held the position of a business area manager in Stockholm.

“The technology is changing and evolving every day, which means that we as IT suppliers need to embrace this change, and we do this by offering the right competence at the right time. I think Sweden is on the right track when it comes to transition to Cloud solutions. However, there are still many organizations and companies facing challenges regarding how, when, and why they should move to the Cloud,” says Rashin.

Rickard Alfredson heads Sigma Technology Innovation, a company that will help customers with their digital transformation, focusing on the latest technologies applicable in system development. During his 14 years in the IT consulting business, Rickard has held several senior positions. Everything from a delivery manager to a consulting manager and in recent years as a sales and business manager at Knowit in Stockholm.

“In 2021, the digital transformation will be crucial for companies and organizations to remain competitive. Last year was the start of a new era regarding our view on remote working and e-commerce for large parts of the population adapting to the new normal. Another significant aspect of the digital transformation is to develop new and more sustainable business models. We want to become our customers’ partner and create new innovative and sustainable IT solutions together, meeting the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow,” says Rickard.

Tanja Cronqvist is a new CEO for Sigma Technology Tech Network. A network and meeting place for customers and consultants. Tanja has worked in the IT consulting business in various leading and sales roles. She has experience from both startup and listed companies and most recently came from HiQ. Tech Network values building relationships with people to develop technological solutions for current and future needs and aims to get a perfect match between customers and consultants.

“Succeeding in matching one or more consultants for an assignment is of utmost importance for both the delivery and the members of the team. Everything needs to be in place – not only the right competence for the assignment but also the personal chemistry. At Tech Network, we have access to skilled IT experts, which means we do not have to compromise on quality. We want to deliver the best tech consultants to meet our customers’ needs and reach new heights together. All this, at the time when digitalization, sustainability, and innovation are among the top priorities for many companies,” says Tanja.