Sigma Technology hosted gamification workshop in Budapest

Last week Sigma Technology Hungary (STH) welcomed the participants of Play@Work, a gamification workshop co-organized with MMKlaszter and Óbuda University. The event gathered students and professionals from all over Budapest.

The event (set in a Wild West theme at Sigma Technology’s Budapest premises on the scenic Danube bank) started out with STH country manager György Nagy greeting guests in a cowboy hat. Unit manager János Turóczi followed, giving a theoretical overview of gamification. Next came a joint session by Barnabás Málnay (director, MMKLaszter) and Zsombor Fekete (game developer, Abagil) who gave real-world examples of how gamification works in practice. Last but not least, Bánk Vécsey (CFO, Aleas Simulations) explored the relationship between video games and Flow theory.

The presentations were often interrupted by lively discussions between participants who reacted enthusiastically on some of the more astounding or provocative statements by lecturers – a sure sign of any good keynote.

The workshop – nicely choreographed to atmospheric North-American country music – ended with a presentation by Szabolcs Józsa (CEO, Nemesys Games) and a ground-breaking Hungarian virtual reality gaming solution.

György Nagy sums up:

“Gamification techniques have been with us since long ago, but have become increasingly widespread since 2010 when the term has been picked up by the general public. Since then, a number of scientific studies have shown that the use of game-related elements in non-game contexts has a positive impact on boosting motivation and engagement. Gamification methods have greatly influenced many areas of work and life, from software development to fitness apps and car navigation. I want to thanks our partners at MMKlaszter and Óbuda University who helped us co-organize what turned out to be a great event with lots of professional and networking value.”

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