Sigma Technology joins Bridge Budapest

Bridge Budapest is a non-profit association, established by four successful startup companies with Hungarian origins, Prezi, LogMein, NNG and Ustream. Their mentoring project aims to inspire the future entrepreneurs and leaders to develop their ideas and build a new Hungary that believes in change and unlimited opportunities.

Bridge Budapest also provides a fully financed fellowship program for university students, graduates and journalists, where participants learn about entrepreneurship and innovative thinking.

Péter Árvai, President of Bridge Budapest, writes on the organization’s website:

“In my view, the biggest problem is that the majority of Hungarians do not believe in themselves and in the possibility of change. While in the United States, all the young people acquire a positive way of thinking right from the start – no matter where you come from, you can achieve anything – in Hungary, we are constantly being told: don’t dream; you won’t succeed anyway. We would like to change this negative attitude.”

Sigma Technology regularly takes part in activities that contribute to a sustainable future, by supporting innovation and development through education. The company has contributed to several educational projects all over the world, and will now support Bridge Budapest in the mission of building a better tomorrow for Hungary.

György NagyGyörgy Nagy, Country Manager at Sigma Technology Hungary, adds:

“We are happy to see organizations like Bridge Budapest growing in Hungary. They set us on a way to a sustainable future and endless opportunities for next generations. We have supported a similar project in Ukraine, where Sigma helped Ukrainian IT students to learn more about entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking through mentorship from businesses, research centers and universities. We also participate in the Star for Life project for young South-African students, aimed to help the youth to realize their dreams and get a good education.

“We hope that our experience and support will be useful for Bridge Budapest. We share their mission to help Hungarian students believe in their ideas and inspire more people to join this great initiative.”


For more information, contact György Nagy (gyorgy.nagy@sigmatechnology.com).

Bridge Budapest’s website 

Sigma Technology’s commitment to sustainable future


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