Sigma Technology Karlskrona – fast growing site

In May 2007 Sigma Technology received an order of MSEK 45 over a three-year period from a global telecom customer. The order was a proof of the company´s world-leading position in information logistics and it also showed how fruitful the excellent co-operation with the client in other regions of the country was. The order resulted in the establishment of a new office in Karlskrona.

Since then, Fredrik Slätterhed, Country Operations Manager South, has been busy employing co-workers to reach the goal of 20 employees by the end of 2007. This goal was reached and Sigma Technology now continues recruiting and expects to grow further. The skilled staff has been found in Karlskrona as well as Stockholm, Trollhättan, Gothenburg and Kalmar. Johan Edlund joined the team in August 2007 working as Department Manager Karlskrona and was immediately involved in the process of finding new co-workers.

The new co-workers are now working within the area of development, maintenance and publishing of customer product information for products manufactured in Karlskrona. In addition to the Karlskrona employees, the Hungarian operations also support the demand of skilled information engineers. On the 1st of April the Karlskrona employees will move into new premises, in the centre of Karlskrona.

Sigma Technology knows how to attract and retain the best people by being aware of the fact that the workforce is their most important asset. The pool of talent, knowledge, experience and skills are crucial to the success of the company. This attitude helps the company attract new employees. The company aims to create a great place to work and a good work-life balance. Part of the Sigma Technology culture is to recognize and reward performance and also to celebrate success. The employees are proud and loyal to the company because Sigma Technology is a responsible company.

This order and the growth of Sigma Technology have been given quite a lot of attention in the local press and also in the largest Swedish business newspaper Dagens Industri.

– We look for highly educated and talented personnel and we aim at being the preferred employer, says Johan Edlund, Department Manager Karlskrona.

Besides growing in the number of employees, the ambition for 2008 is to expand at the present customer and add new clients in the region to broaden the customer base. The office is on the way to reaching this goal as well.