Sigma Technology Shares Expertise in Information Management

Nate Zhang, Country Manager at Sigma Technology China, gave two speeches at the Siemens Learning Day online conference that gathered all Siemens employees from different sites in China.

On February 20, at the Siemens Learning Day online conference, Nate Zhang spoke for specialists from sales, marketing, technical support, and R&D department at Siemens. He shared his thoughts and expertise on dealing with large volumes of information in his speeches “Mindset of information operation in Big Data times” and “How to survive under information smog.”

Nate Zhang is committed to knowledge sharing and increasing the quality of information management and has solid training experience. For the last three years alone, he conducted more than 10 technical writing trainings for Sigma Technology China customers. This commitment is shared by the whole company. Sigma Technology China not just regularly participates in training initiatives for our customers; the company currently holds two Technical Communication courses in Chinese universities.

Nate Zhang, Country Manager at Sigma Technology China, reflects:

“Big Data times bring huge increase in information flows and volumes. Company management have to face a bunch of information-related challenges, including bringing extra value to the information flow and using it more effectively.”

Nate continues, “In our company, we constantly update and refine information management approaches and practices and we strive to share our knowledge. Sharing our information management expertise and providing training courses is our way of creating a higher quality information environment.”

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