Sigma Technology supports the exchange program between Swedish and American Universities

Alexander Fastberg, Rebecca Härkönen, Minh Bang Nguyen and Agnes Söderholm have recently received their Bachelor’s degrees in Industrial Engineering and Management at the “Industrial Economy” faculty of Chalmers University of Technology. While pursuing their Master’s degrees, the students will take the course “Success Factors in High Technology Management” as well as “Modeling and Design of Organizations” at Stanford University and UC Berkeley. Additionally, the students are going to conduct a market analysis project for Sigma Technology.

The market analysis focuses on the Quality Monitor methodology and tool. The Quality Monitor methodology and its metrics have been developed by Sigma Technology in collaboration with Linnaeus University and a market-leading Telecom company. The Quality Monitor tool is developed by Softwerk. At the program end, the students will report the results and run a final presentation.

“The information quality model and analysis tool makes automated information quality assessments a reality. With this tool, we now can measure and analyze product information and provide a figure that represents the quality of the product,” Niklas Börjesson, President at Sigma Technology USA, says. “Before launching on the new market, every product needs the sophisticated market analysis, and this we entrust to the selected students. They are talented and smart, and are very excited to be a part of the project.”

Carl Vikingsson, CEO at Sigma Technology adds:

“With our vast experience of cooperation with different universities in many countries, I believe this project will be no less successful than many of its predecessors. We are glad to be a part of a program that is beneficial to all parties. The young specialists are getting their first experience on the real projects, and the company meets dedicated and ambitious people.

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